Fargason Contracting, Inc. can assist in the TOTAL project. In other words, we can help with consultation, cost analysis, design and construction services. We have relationships with both architectural, interior decorating and landscape designers who will personally meet with our clients for professional guidance and services. Fargason Contracting, Inc. offers a full design/build service as outlined. We are happy to build from your plans, work with your architect or home designer.


We have had recent new homes and projects in subdivisions like Liberty Park, Trace Crossings, The Preserve, Eden View, South Pointe, Lake Crest, etc. Many of our homes are custom homes built on our client’s lot or acreage, or in scattered subdivisions in Over the Mountain areas.


Construction costs are typically based on the cost of materials, labor and overhead. One of the most common asked questions in the early stages of negotiations is “what is the price per square foot?” The price of any addition, remodeling job, or new construction is based on the type of project and the amenities expected. Do you want Corian or granite? What type of carpet or flooring do you like? What about cabinet or lighting allowances? Oh yes, what about the appliances you prefer, Wolf or Kenmore? How about the cost of the lot or land? What about the exterior siding material…stone, Hardiplank siding, or brick? I usually relate construction to the cost of a new BMW or Lexus to the same sized Chevrolet or Ford.

We are the construction expert and can help you meet your budget. In many cases, we can educate you to costly forms of construction and ways to be more efficient. Remember, homes with similar square footage and architectural designs can be comparable in price, but a mere shift in one of the home’s amenities can drastically change the overall final cost of that home.

Many builders will offer a cheaper price and intentionally “leave out” small details or specifications to win the client’s favor. Then once contracted, the builder who operates in this manner will either do less than expected, or anticipate additional funds from the client for work initially thought included in their price.


Specifications and plans usually are the heart of the construction project. The specifications are detailed words describing the scope of the work. The plans are the architectural or design drawings of the project that detail the project with schematics and measurements. Specification and plans should be signed and approved by the contractor and client, along with the contract, prior to starting the work or money exchanging hands.


A change order is either a debit or a credit to the original price of the contracted work. This change can either be related to the client adding or deleting amenities or changing their mind. In many cases, the client will make a change during the construction process and this can add or subtract from the original price. The change order is typically another document that must be signed by both parties, and in many cases, paid for before the work is performed.