Bill Fargason, president of Fargason Contracting, Inc., is a graduate of Auburn University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Building Science. Experienced in residential and commercial construction, Bill can work through the entire process of design-build with the professional knowledge only gained through over 30 years in the construction industry.

Our staff is concerned about giving each customer the best overall construction experience, because we know, a satisfied customer is our best form of advertisement. We will work to make the construction process one that will be recalled as a wise decision and investment.

Fargason Contracting, Inc. specializes in “Over the Mountain” communities. We can finish off your basement, add a custom addition to your home, create an outdoor landscaped garden complete with waterfalls, fountains and a beautiful pool, build your office or commercial space, or create your vacation home. We have architectural and landscaping design services available, with professional expertise and guidance available to unleash your dreams.

We can take you from the lot selection, through the design process, and all the way until the keys are placed in your hands and your moving truck backs up to the front door. It is our job and goal to build you the finished product you expect.

Most of our construction jobs are “Over the Mountain”, however, we can build in outlying areas based on your schedule and the project. The size of the project is not the critical factor to us, yet we do consider our jobs based on practicality and construction scheduling. It is important to us that your project be completed in a timely manner and based on an accurate construction schedule.

We have built lake homes, vacation homes, swimming pools, performed older home remodeling and tear downs, custom landscaping projects with fountains and waterfalls, basement additions, and almost any new home or commercial construction.